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Dun An Sticir

UIST Unearthed

The Tale of Dun an Sticir

UIST Unearthed & the Pupils of Sgoil Uibhist A Tuath

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

In collaboration with Peel X.

This project was for UIST unearthed; an augmented reality app for virtual archaeological exploration in the outer hebrides. I was given the opportunity to work alongside primary school pupils of Sgoil Uibhist A Tuath on an animated tale about the downfall of Hugh MacDonald of Dun an Sticir.

The children story boarded and designed all the characters, scenery and sound effects as well as providing narration for both English and Gaelic versions of the film. As a result of their brilliant work they have been shortlisted in the FilmG awards.

To see more work for UIST Unearthed see The Mummies of Clad Hallan animation.

Scene 2_hugh
scene 4 split screen william Martin
scene 3-letters in envelopes
scene 4 split screen Gorm
scene 3-mailman confused
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