Rachael Hosking

Illustrator, 3D Artist, Animator, VFX Artist,
 2D & 3D animation, Visual Effects, Editing, Sound Design, Motion Graphics & Illustration. I create compelling animated content.
From start to finish I can help bring your animated ideas to life. 
Following a successful workflow of scripting, story boarding, concept art, character design, animation, editing and sound production. I can help you to produce any of these to a polished standard and am always happy to work with any designs or ideas you have.
If you can imagine it, I will help you create it. Feel free to contact me for a quote.
3D Animation

3D Animation

2D Animation

2D Animation


If you need to request a free quote for a freelance design or animation project please feel free to contact me using the email link or Phone numbers below. Quotes are specifically tailored on a per project basis and I usually respond within 24 hours to any email requests. Please attach any images or attachments you feel are relevant to an email to ensure your quote is as accurate as it can be. To ensure you are satisfied both Creatively and financially if you do have a budget in mind please let me know, as my freelance quotes can be provided with a range of options to best suit any budget.

" I am happy to discuss any 2D or 3D project, no matter how big or small. "