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About Me

Illustrator. 3D Modeller. Animator. VFX Artist. 

Hello and welcome to my website.
This is an online portfolio of some of the Freelance 3D Modelling and Animation projects I have worked on.
I'm an independent artist based in the UK and work in both 2D and 3D using Photoshop and After Effects for my illustrations, and Maya and Zbrush for modelling and animation. I have many years experience designing, modelling and animating high quality animations and 3D illustrations for projects in film, television, advertising, entertainment, web, Games, training videos, educational campaigns, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 360 video. I also often work in sound and video editing, effects and 3D compositing. Before transferring my skills to CG I worked as a traditional 2D illustrator and 3D sculptor for Film and Television for Mackinnon and Saunders. Examples of my illustration work can be found on my illustrations page.


My background is in stop motion and 3D model making. After gaining my Animation degree, I worked at Mackinnon and Saunders, one of the world’s leading puppet making companies who specialise in the design and construction of characters for television shows, feature films and commercials. Whilst with Mackinnon I worked on various projects such as Tim Burton’s ‘Corpse Bride’, Bob the Builder and Pingu. At Mackinnon I was involved in sculpting, texturing, silicone moulding and airbrushing characters and props.
Following this I worked at The National Science & Media Museum, this involved researching and archiving the British Film and Television Archive and working on the design and build of the new Animation gallery. I also gave talks and taught workshops on stop motion animation, art and science to young museum visitors whilst I was there. It was at this time that I started transferring my character design and modelling skills into 3D computer software and took up training on the Alias Maya Comprehensive course at Escape Studios, London. I have worked on many freelance projects since then.These can all be found on my 3D Animation2D Animation or Illustration pages.
Over the years I have developed my Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop and After Effects skills and I am constantly looking at new ways to improve my work. More recently I have completed the Escape Studios Zbrush for 3D artists training, to further develop my 3D skills. I have a passion for learning new 3D Animation software and am constantly developing my skills to reflect the current standards expected in the animation industry.

Dr Emily Gal,

UIST Unearthed

“ You're a star, thankyou Rachael! I went to see the Children today and showed it to them, they absolutely loved it! It has also been shortlisted for FilmG! This is a film competition which celebrates Gaelic and young talent. Really well deserved! Thanks so much for all your hard work.”

Nick Straker, Straker Films

"The client loved the 3D STI characters and I'm delighted to tell you that the film has just been awarded Silver and bronze in the Evcom Pharmaceutical Marketing Awards. Well done!"

Laura Thompson, Peel X

“This looks great, thanks Rachael, the client absolutely loves the style. Thanks again for your outstanding work.”
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