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Splash kids club

Marella Cruises Theatre Projection

A Twist In A Tale: Cinderella The Untold Story Animation

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects


One of the UK’s biggest cruise lines, Marella Cruises, was looking for cutting-edge, digital features for their family entertainment products on board two ships, the Discovery and Discovery 2. The project involved creating animated characters and associated Augmented Reality (AR) games, aimed at young cruise guests and to accompany their ‘Splash Live!’ theatre shows. My role was to create a series of interactive 2D animations using the popular Splash characters. Here are just a few examples of the animated content created for these shows.



Peel Interactive designed, developed, and project managed the Splash installations please see: for more information.

I was also involved in illustrating some of the Splash characters, to see more please look in my Illustration Gallery.

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