Fortnum & MAson

Skate at Somerset House

Fortnum & Mason, Skate at Somerset House

Photoshop, After Effects, Pixelstick
A viral Christmas campaign using the 'Pixelstick', a light painter that adds and composites animation onto video. This project was created with The Blaine Brothers to promote Fortnum & Mason and the ice rink at Somerset House.
The project involved designing and animating  a simple 2D character to skate through Fortnum & Masons and eventually ending up on the ice rink outside Somerset house.
In collaboration with The Blaine Brothers the animated character was painted onto the streets of London using the pixelstick.
Each one of pixelstick's 200 LEDs acts like a pixel on a screen, displaying your image one vertical line at a time as you walk. These vertical lines, when captured by a long exposure, combine to recreate your image in mid air, leaving pixelstick (and the person using it) invisible.