A Twist In The Tale

Marella Cruises Theatre Projection

A Twist In A Tale: Cinderella The Untold Story Animation

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects


Working alongside Peel Entertainment for Marella Cruises I was asked to create a 7 minute silhouette style animation for their latest production 'A Twist In A Tale: Cinderella The Untold Story.'

Narrated by the fantastic Sue Johnston  from the award winning TV show The Royle Family. A Twist in A Tale focuses on the darker tale of Cinderella & her family.

Produced by Peel, rewritten and directed by Kirk Jameson. A stunning piece of musical theatre that is perfect for adult and family audiences alike. Slightly dark and with the most unexpected of twists- Disney it is not!

My role was to create an opening animation that told the story of  Cinderella's mother. The animation was designed to mirror the darker feel of the show so a silhouette style was chosen.

To see more examples of my collaboration with Peel entertainment's productions please see 'The Midnight Garden'.

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