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Wise Up to STIs Campaign

Award Winning Sexual Health Campaign

Wise Up to STIs, Chlamydia Character

Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, After Effects


In collaboration with Straker Films (Now Zinc Communicate) this educational campaign was aimed to help girls wise up to the link between HPV and cervical cancer and support the implementation of HPV Vaccination programme in UK secondary schools.

In Wise Up to STIs Zinc created a narrative in a rap battle scenario between boyfriend and girlfriend. Tongue in cheek 3D animated characterisations of the STIs rapped about the different infections. By opting for lighthearted and fun the film managed to get the right message to a young audience without being sexually explicit or too scientific.

The resources won gold in the Pharmaceutical Society Marketing Awards.

The Chlamydia Character - Created in Zbrush and animated using Maya.


.My role involved:

• Creating initial character designs, concept art and storyboarding to help the clients visualise the end product.


• Modelling, texturing, lighting and rigging final characters and 3D environment.


• Animating final scenes including advanced blend shapes and lip-synching to lyrics.


• integrating high-sculpted detail and improved lip shapes using the Maya/Zbrush pipeline.


• Compositing the final version into a live action sequence and creating smoke/liquid effects in After Effects.

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